Vertical integration

Utilize the opportunities provided by the commercial XTN Hub.

Smart grid

Government (de)regulated market. Digitalizing and restructuring.


The balance thinking is turned “upside down”. Lower peak load demand.


Readily developed for commercial operations.


XTN culture is to do the impossible possible; the possible simple; the simple elegant

XTN Business:

Product: «Consumer Managed Energy Transition by Price Creating the Low Carbon Society»
– Consumer Managed System for Demand Response Balancing the Energy Grid
– Consumer Choice in the Energy Industry through Interoperability in the Energy Mix
– Balancing Electricity / Gas / Distant Heating in Separate Infrastructures
– Eliminating the Need for Storage / Batteries in the Electricity Grid
– M&A Utility and Petroleum – Financing the Huge Financial Need in the Electricity Grid

XTN Reference: At World Climate Summit – The Investment COP in Katowice, Poland at the end of 2018 it was concluded as stated in the “Post Event Report:”………..the need to also engage the citizens and the consumers”.

XTN is a consumer managed system for demand / response developed over the last 10 years, which connects the purchasing criteria (price and environment) of individual consumers directly with each individual producer of each energy form including producers of energy forms in separate infrastructure (pipe gas, LNG, distant heating) which in itself are essential to balance the fluctuations in the electricity grid.


The consumers through the XTN system which will be the energy industry’s new refinery, will balance demand/response in the industry including electricity, petroleum and distant heating making batteries in the grid a thinking of the past.

The funding necessary for carrying out this industry revolution sits with the petroleum industry.

The technology for carrying out this energy revolution sits with XTN – being the “game changer” – alone in the market for the next 5 years.

Hence, do you need to transform your ongoing energy business to the new energy business countering the disrupting market forces?

Then, I am happy to present to you XTN which is the Game Changer in the energy industry being 6 years ahead of all competitors – we started this Development in house 10 years ago.

Then, please look at this:

Since so many have become interested in what XTN is doing then here is the status of our development work after 10 years of digitizing the energy industry by building a datahub:  

We create the Low Carbon Society fulfilling the goals from the COP21 Paris Summit through Consumer Choice by Interoperability in the Energy Mix with all energy forms including gas – pipe gas and LNG – as battery in the grid.

This is done by a datahub – XTN Hub – which is the only datahub in the world which for the next 5 years can change the current value chain/business model of “Producer to Consumer” to “Consumer to Producer” providing consumer choice creating the Low Carbon Society. This is done through the XTN datahub which uses GPU. Please see the Product chapter

International break through

We started our US subsidiary on september 1, 2021 which creates the Low Carbon Society by:

The Market – the tipping point

It was public a few years back that the credit rating for one of the major European Utilities had fallen from AAA to BB in 2 years. Another of the major utilities was profiled by The Economist under the title “How to loose half a trillion Euros” with conclusion that it is about the companys existence due to negative prices in balancing the grid. It seems that the “Tipping point” could happen after several years of decline in the credit rating followed by a time of negative prices in order to balance the grid. Giant opportunity.

The XTN system can be used before, during and after the Tipping point

The Goal – Consumer Choice and Interoperability

XTNs disruptive strategy is to give consumers the choice/option to buy low carbon energy (re.: COP21 Paris Summit) as well as all other energy forms through interoperability from the energy mix, directly from selected energy Suppliers

The Approach

The strategy and technology behind XTNs goal is to disrupt the existing Utility-to-Consumer Business Model.

XTN is turning the current utilities control of most of the options for power sales to consumers upside down by bringing consumers choice. This also changes the ongoing flow of money from consumer-to-utility, to consumer-to-XTN energy partners.

The Storage – Battery

All energy forms especially Gas, are used as “battery” in the grid for balancing Demand / Response, particularly renewables like wind and solar.

The Co-Owners – Utilities and Petroleum companies

Utilities and Petroleum Companys are invited in as co-owners

The Business Plan calls for only 1-2 energy producers of each energy form as co-owners per country channeling its energy form to many retailers. Further the Business plan calls for this as the only way to get to use the XTN system.

As many retailers as possible are welcome per country

The XTN Datahub – the technology behind the disruption

XTN Group’s unique Data Hub breaks the old business model of the utilities.

The XTN Data Hub is the technology that puts the power of choice into the consumer’shands and disrupts the energy market making it possible for consumers to take control of their energy mix.

The XTN Datahub – Competitive Advantage

XTN has a significant head start strategically and technologically.

Consumers are connected via the Data Hub, to XTN energy partners, and in this way are connected to the electricity grid, the gas grid, the distant heating grid and hydrogen fuel cells with Interoperability at household level.

Block Chain automates payments from consumers to XTN

International Break Through / The Next step

On september 1, 2021 we started our first subsidiary in the US which focuses on:

This creates the real foundation for Smart City (Smart Homes) which will have a significant impact on energy Companies.

If you are interested please call or mail me: +4791325804 or and I will send you the relevant documents for your evaluation to join XTN as co-owner which will facilitate your use of the XTN system according to the business plan.

Presentation of “Consumer Interoperability from the Energy Mix provided by the Utilities and Petroleum companies” which Founder & CEO Bjorn Bekkevold gave at “3rd Annual Energy Portfolio Optimization Electricity Price Forecasting” 5.-6. April 2017 in Dusseldorf

Presentation ”Disrupt or Be Disrupted” given by Founder & CEO Bjorn Bekkevold at section “Energy Revolution Europe” at European Utility Week in Barcelona 15.-17. November 2016

Bjorn Bekkevold presented ”Avoiding the Utility Death Spiral. Rethinking the Utility Business Model” at European Power Generating Summit” in Prague 25.11-27.11.2015

Bjørn Bekkevold gave the presentation “The Impact on the Utility of the Smart Communities Developments – a pilot project to be launched in Germany 1H2016” at “European Utility Week” in Vienna on 5th November 2015
Bjørn Bekkevold gave the presentation “Game Changing in the Energy Sector” at the “2nd Annual Intelligent Risk and Portfolio Optimization for the Energy Markets” in Berlin on 22nd September 2015

Presentation at Norwegian Investment Forum 14.10.2014

Presentation at TBLI conference 2014 in Oslo

“Energi” – Norways largest professional energy publication and sister publication to DN, Norways largest yellow financial business paper, published Bjorn Bekkevold and the XTN Group at 23. January 2014

Bjorn Bekkevold/XTN Group was key note Speaker at National Power & Electricity Summit in Dublin 29th January 2014

XTN Group was key note speaker on the subject “Energy a la Carte at household site” at the conference European Utility Week in Amsterdam 15.-17. October 2013 with 8.000 participants.

Bjorn Bekkevold/XTN Group was speaker at the conference SmartUtilities Scandinavia in Stockholm 17.-18. april 2013
Balancing Demand / Response through Consumer Pricing”

XTN GROUP – User Interface DEMO