BUSINESS  IDEA: The XTN Group with selected energy producers and retailers as co-owners, shall become a leading energy supplier to consumers offering them Choice and Interoperability of electricity, gas and distant heating by utilizing the flexibility benefits the system “Energy a la Carte at Household Site” provides by its datahub.


Corporate structure

Selected energy producers and retailers are invited to join below business structure to exploit the flexibility in the distribution the ready to go Demand Side Management system “Energy a la Carte at Household Site” provides by its datahub – the XTN Hub:

  1. XTN Group Holding AS (XTNGH) which is the corporate head of the XTN Group, holds the rights to the Demand Side Management System “Energy a la Carte at Household Site” where the main asset is the datahub – the XTN Hub.
  2. XTNGH will found XTN holding companies in each country and licence “Energy a la Carte at Household Site” to these XTN holding companies
  3. Energy producers and retailers are being invited to join as co-owners in the XTN holding Companies  by acquiring shares from XTNGH.
  4. The first country XTN holding Company is in Germany. Co owners in country XTN holding company are given the right to acquire shares in local XTN city subsidiaries from the XTN country holding Company
  5. Shares in country XTN holding Company and local XTN city subsidiaries give right to sell different energy forms prorata into the system from upstream, in accordance with what the consumers are taking out on downstream side from the local XTN city companies at a competitive price premium vs market price based on consumers personal values

Founder & CEO

Bjorn Bekkevold, a graduate of Purdue University, Ind., USA, living in Tonsberg Norway is the Founder & CEO of XTN Group. Please be informed not to mix with a person with the same name living in Hoksund Norway